Learning The Basics

After you create an account, what's next?

  • The next thing to do is find a group that you want to join. We have 3 focus areas to choose from.
  • Before you join a group you can view their Group Profile. If the group has turned their settings to "Private" then you won't be able to view their Group profile until you become a member of their group.
  • When you want to join a group click on the "Join" option. A notification is sent to the Group Admin for them to approve your request.
  • If you can't find a group you want to join then create a group!
  • When you create a group you need to name your group, add a tagline, add a profile image, Choose a group color that will be the background color of your page. There are fields to enter in an address if your group has a physical address.
  • You must select if the group is public or private. This is important because the "Private" setting allows the Group Admin to protect their group profile and the members of the group. In order for someone to view the group profile they must be a member. If someone is not a member they can only view the Group Name, the Group Profile and Cover Images.
  • As you are creating the group you can choose from your supporters to send invites to join the group.
  • After you create the group you can change any of the settings with the exception of the Group Name.
  • If a supporter doesn't have their "Incognito" setting turned on you can search for them. If they do have their "Incognito" setting on you won't be able to add them, but they will be able to add you if you have your "Incognito" setting turned off.
  • When you find a supporter that you want to support just click on the "Add Supporter."