Frequently Asked Questions

Log onto After creating an account you can choose to find help, be available for help or just browse. You are able to create, join support groups to customize your own support system.
Your information is protected and will not be given out. We also have a feature on our website called Incognito.
The website is a place where people can come and create a support group or join one that is relatable to them.
We have all kinds of users; members of support groups, people who have suffered from any and every traumatic event and people who have overcome challenges they have faced.
We could not be more thrilled that you are considering sponsorship of our cause! Please email us at, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.
If you choose the option to be Incognito no one will be able to search for you as a supporter. No one will be able to view your profile unless you are their supporter.

The Focus Areas are there to help supporters and support groups identify their target audience. It helps to understand why each are using the website so they can connect better with others.

You can always change your Focus Area(s) and venture outside of the Focus Area(s) you chose. You can filter by the Focus Area(s) to customize your own support system.

There are 3 Focus Areas. These are loosely defined by medical (Medical) challenges, psychological (Psych) challenges and daily living or ongoing (Wellness) challenges.

No group can have the same name. You can still create a group with a similar name.

If the review is inappropriate then please report it to SurvivingMyLife. Fill out the Report Abuse Form and we will review the inappropriate content.

If the review is not inappropriate you can ask the reviewer to reconsider by messaging them. We don’t take down any reviews unless they violate SurvivingMyLife’s Privacy Policy or Terms of Service.

Report it immediately to SurvivingMyLife, using the Report Abuse Form. You may delete it a s well. Once the Report Abuse is selected on the post and you file the form the comment will be removed immediately from your wall and we will review. Once comment is reviewed, if it is deemed inappropriate it will be permanently deleted from your group wall. If it is deemed appropriate it will still be deleted, but we will message you the results of our investigation.
When you are the Admin of the group you can choose to post as the group or you can choose to post as your username.
A supporter is a member of SurvivingMyLife’s website. They have created an username and profile.
“My Supporters” are supporters who have mutually accepted the request to be supporters.
No. We understand that some groups are just online or just only a physical meeting place. The more information you include will help your supporters become more familiar with your group.
When you post a comment on your supporter’s wall it needs to be approved by the supporter before it can be posted to their wall. Once the supporter approves the post it will be immediately posted to their wall. If they choose to delete it, the comment will not be posted to their wall.

To change your status go to “My Settings” in the drop-down menu bar. You can also access this by going to your About Tab on your profile. From here you will see the option Incognito. Click on the edit image button. The option will allow you to make the change. Once you have selected ON or OFF click the Save Edits button, and your choice will be saved.

When you change your status to incognito, this means you will no longer be searchable on the Search Supporters page and only your Supporters will be able to view your profile.

When you change your status from incognito, this means other users can search you on the Search Supporters page and anyone can view your profile page.

Anyone can create a support group. Non-profit organizations, schools, companies and any user can create a support group to help them or their organization.
You can block someone by going to their Profile Page and under the more tab, a dropdown menu appears, click on “Block.” Once you select this a pop message will appear asking if you are sure. Once you click “OK” the user is permanently blocked. Once you block someone you can’t unblock them.
Please fill out a Report Abuse Form immediately so that we may review your concern and address it accordingly.
Yes. Anyone can write a review.
On a Supporter’s Profile Page, the requests are broken into 3 categories: Wall Posts, Support Groups and Supporters. Under each of these categories will be a wall post for you to approve before it gets posted to you wall, a support group that has asked you to join or a user that would like to become your supporter. You can approve or delete these these requests as you choose.
No. We offer a platform for others to create a support group to build a support organization. We do not advertise on your group profile. When you create a support group you will be able to have an image that represents your support group.
In your settings turn on “Incognito” and you will not be listed in the Trending Supporters.
When you post a comment in the “What’s On Your Mind” textbox, the “My Last Update” box will update to the last message you posted from either your Profile Page or your Activity Page. If you posted an image last it will say you posted an image.
When you file a Report Abuse Claim it immediately gets sent to SurvivingMyLife. We review the claim and any and all content or persons involved listed in the claim. Once we have completed our investigation we email you the results of our investigation. Every claim is taken very seriously by SurvivingMyLife and we make these claims a top priority when filed so that we may get these resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.
No you must wait for their approval before you can post on their wall.
The “My Story” feature is there for the user to express what has been going on in their life, what they want to share with people, how they feel or just relative information. Users can choose what they want to include and exclude from “My Story.”
Your resources should list things that you have found useful in regards to the support group you created. This includes but not limited to; books, articles you have read, websites with references, websites with information. Your own website or book if you choose.

Yes. You can change the group private or public setting option whenever you choose.

You can change the setting by going to your group profile page, go to your About tab and select the edit image button next to “Private Group” or “Public Group” depending on which setting your group had selected. Choose the setting you would like and click on the Save Edits Button. This will save your newly selected option.

When you want to change your Group Banner Color, on the top of your Group Profile Page on the right, click the paint can icon button. This will show swatches of different colors to choose. Once you have selected your new color click on the paint can icon button to save the color. You will see the background color change immediately.
Yes. Every supporter gets one vote.
When someone clicks on the Thumbs Up icon button or the Thumbs Down icon button it registers a number to the right of the icon button. At any point a supporter can change their vote. Remember they only get one vote.